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Powerboarding is taking the world by storm. Faster, more powerful and more thrilling than ever before. The technology has reached its peak and takes the user to a new high…. An experience too addictive for words.
Welcome to Powerboard Expert (PBX). If you're new to hoverboarding, then welcome. Here you will find a wealth of information from how to ride a board right through to finding the best board suited to you. If you're a seasoned expert, then you'll enjoy what we have to show you with the latest trends and models that come available.
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The concept for Powerboarding& power boards was first conceived in the hit 1980's movie "Back To The Future II" when Marty McFly made his daring escape from would be thug Biff using a "real" hoverboard. In the movie, the hoverboard was a real levitating hovering board. Well technologically speaking, we are not at that stage just yet with hoverboard technology, but all I can say is "one day"!
The hoverboards of today don't hover, but they are self balancing. They have 2 wheels. They offer precision manoeuvrability which means that the user can have total control without falling off the boardand are great for the hoverboard enthusiast. As with all products, there are various products to meet various levels of specification standard, so depending on your level of expertise, you will find all you need in the best hoverboard for your requirements.
A genius retro application to the hoverboard is the hoverboard cart. These are amazing, and I wish they were available when I was a kid. In those days, I built the old fashioned trolley made from old pram wheels. They were great fun, but quite dangerous in hind sight. I had many injuries on these old trolley go carts. Good news for the younger generation, is that the hoverboard cart way supersede the old trolleys in every way. They are totally versatile and provide total control for a safe ride. The hoverboard cart is what I would have dreamed at having as a kid, and as such, make the ultimate high tec solution to the old fashioned trolley. They are way more flexible and have an impressive manoeuvrability that simply does not compare. For kids, this has to be product of the year for exhilarating funthat is safe while taking the user to a super high experience.
The electric skateboard provides an exhilarating experiencing that can be terrifying at high speeds…. All part of the experience right. Our range of electric skateboards are impressive and suitable for beginner right through to seasoned expert. You choose subject to your experience and ability. All I can say about these boards is that once you start, you are hooked, and you will want to go for faster and better spec models. But that is all part of the hobby isn't is. As you progress, you power up.
Our accessories cover an entire range from experience enhancement right through to safety aspects. If you are getting any powered board, it is strongly advised that you take on the appropriate safety equipment.

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Getting the right hoverboard is important. It's not a cheap impulse buy, so thought needs to go in to your purchase. People buy a hoverboard for different reasons. For some, it is to have as a hobby or just plain simple fun. For others, it a mode of transport for getting around on. You need to determine what your hover board is for and your purpose for getting one.
There are hoverboards for children and adults, and for the more adventurous enthusiast, there are rough terrain boards, and yes, they come in all types of color and styles.

Hoverboard Carts

As popularity surges for the hoverboard, cool accessories have come available. The hoverboard cart is one such accessory. Basically, the cart attaches to the hoverboard, and all carts fit universally. Carts are not all made equally though, so be ware. If you are looking for a comfortable ride, you're going to need suspension and possibly even a front pneumatic wheel. If you are going to use your cart on smooth surfaces, then take your pick. However, you should pay attention to the length of the cart. Most carts are extendable, so if you are a child or adult or both, check that the size fits.

Electric Skateboards | Electric Longboards

Possibly the top end of boarding experience is the electric skateboard. These, like the hoverboard are not impulse buys, so don't rush in and buy on price. Purchase according to your requirements. You might want one simply for fun, or you might want one for commuting. If you are commuting, you will need a more powerful unit. One that provides distance duration together with speed. E Boards are amazingly cool for whatever reason you buy.
Electric skateboards are not really skateboards though. They are longboards, so you're not going to be able to do the stunts and tricks you do on a non-powered board. You buy an electric longboard for an entirely different purpose, but the fact remains the same, that they are amazing fun and super practical.


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