5 Important Features To Look For In A Hoverboard Cart

OK, so what is a hoverboard cart? Well basically, it is a retro fit attachment that connects to an existing hoverboard. The hoverboard provides the power and the back wheels, and the cart makes a seated go cart like application that you can steer and have great fun on.

They are fitted generally with steering rods on the left and right and they have a front wheel, and most models have an extendable frame to cater for children and adults.

In this article, we are looking at important points you should consider before buying your hoverboard cart

1. Seat

One of the main things you should look out for is the seat. There are different kinds of seats you can attach to a hoverboard and this determines how you will be able to control it. The safest kind of hoverboard cart is the HoverSeat.

The HoverSeat is a hands-free hoverboard cart where the seat actually looks like a chair. This is the safest hoverboard cart because it provides a large backrest for the rider. There are several benefits to buying this seat kit.

First, it is pretty simple to assemble. The kit will provide you a platform where you can attach your preferred seat. Take note that some kits do not have a seat that comes with them. Some kits only have the lever that you attach at the hinge in the middle of the hoverboard plus the rectangular platform where you place your chair on top.

Second, it is very comfortable and you can easily be at ease in a HoverSeat. This is because you can attach a beach chair or a box with a cushion on it. Third, is that it is safe to use. It was mentioned a while ago that the safest hoverboard cart is the HoverSeat simply because you can rest your back on it and you are seated in a way that you will not have to lean backward too much.

Since it mimics a sitting position, your back’s weight is not fully in the backseat unlike the hoverboard carts that resemble a go kart. As compared to an actual hoverboard, it is safer too. When traveling, it is better to be sitting than standing when you manoeuvre a hoverboard because chances are when you pass a bump or an uneven surface, you might lose control and fall over. Unlike when you are sitting, your center of gravity is nearer to the grown and you occupy a larger space so it is harder for you to lose balance. To add to that, your feet will still be controlling the speed and direction you are going. Think of it as pedals of a bike or the pedals of a car. You control its speed and direction by just your feet and if you had enough practice with bikes and cars, controlling your hoverboard cart will just be as easy as A-B-C.

There are other benefits of buying a HoverSeat like its practicality and convenience. Since the cart has its mainframe attached to it and some kits do not actually have a seat, you can attach anything to the frame. Most of the time, what others buyers do is attach a cooler to it especially when they go on trips like to beach. It may be surprising but you can attach a cooler, and sometimes people use this as a seat and transport the cooler to places. You do not have to carry heavy and large stuff with this cart.

Another kind of seat found among hoverboard carts for sale is the go kart. Taken from its name, the seat is just a small cushion with a mini backrest. The seat is small enough for you to rest the lower part of your back and for you to fit on the cushion. Compared to a HoverSeat kit, the hover go kart kit makes you seated much closer to the ground and instead of having your feet control everything, you have two grip handles.

Some people find this relatively better because it can also be something they hold on to. This is understandable because when you are holding on to something while riding your hoverboard, it will give you a sense of ease and assurance that you have an added support. One famous brand of a hover go kart kit is the HoverKart.

The HoovyKart is a go kart kit that resembles an actual go kart minus the covers and side support. The only support you will be having is the adjustable seat, the main frame, and the handlebars that will help you control your speed and where to go.

2. Controls

Controls are different between a HoverSeat and a HoverKart. A HoverSeat is controlled by your feet since it is just a hoverboard where you attach a frame and a seat. You control it in the same way that you control an actual board standing up. Add pressure on your feet and lean forward to go faster and forward or lean back and you go the reverse. When steering to the right, add pressure on your right foot and lean to the right. The same goes for when you are going to the left.

For the HoverKart, it has hand levers to control steering. The handle bars are also comfortable to hold because they are padded hand grips. A plus this seated rover gets is that you can use the levers to come to a full stop because they serve as brakes to your cart. This is especially useful for safety purposes because you will never know when there’s suddenly an instance when a quick brake is needed. Moreover, because of the structure of this cart, even if you suddenly apply the brakes, you won’t fall over because you are seated close to the ground and you can use the hand levers as support.

3. Adjustability

Adjustability can go two ways: adjustability of the seat and the adjustability of the foot rest. You can also take into account the amount of weight hoverboard carts for sale can accommodate. First of all, when considering buying a hoverboard cart, you should check the weight it can handle. Most carts can carry 220 pounds and they can bring children or adults. You should also look at the weight of the hoverboard cart itself because this is a factor to consider especially if you will be bringing it around.

The weight of a hoverboard cart really depends on its design and the material used for it. However, the weight range is from 10 pounds to 30 pounds. What greatly differs in the weight is the seat you will be attaching. If you don’t want to carry a heavy hoverboard cart, then you should choose a lightweight seat, but this does not mean that you have to compromise your safety. Remember, a seat is the main support you will have when riding a hoverboard cart. It is also supposed to give you the added safety riding a hoverboard standing up cannot give.

Secondly, hoverboard carts are not just for kids; they are for adults, too. Besides, the seat and foot rests are there for you to easily adjust them to fit your built and height. However, the adjustability differs between HoverSeat and HoverKart. For the HoverSeat, since it is your choice of seat you will be attaching, some seats are not adjustable based on your body height and size. If you are attaching a generic beach chair, then you can expect that you just have to make yourself fit in there. When it comes to the HoverKart, you have both adjustable length foot rests and adjustable seats.

4. Lights

When it comes to safety and you plan on going around at night on your hoverboard cart, then you should make sure that the hoverboard cart for sale you are looking at has lights both on the chair and the foot rests. If you want to make sure that you have enough lights, and there will be times that you won’t be going around on a hoverboard cart, then make sure that the hoverboard itself has lights. Do not worry as most, if not all, hoverboards have LED lights. The difference is that some are not meant to light your way and to signal others that you are there. Usually, LED lights placed on a hoverboard or a hoverboard cart indicates battery life and the temperature status of the device. It is used more of an indicator of how your board is more than anything else.

That is why when looking at a hoverboard cart for sale, you should ask if they have LED lights that help the rider in the dark. Specifically ask if they are meant for the dark or are just indicators of the board’s status.

5. Remote

The remote is just an added feature of a hoverboard cart kit. However, this is a very useful feature. Although it cannot control your hoverboard and hoverboard cart per se, it can control other functions. An example of this is that a remote can turn your cart on and off. Look at it as a car key where you can just click it from afar. To add to that, since we mentioned a car key, a remote can also help set up an alarm. This alarm will make sure that you are notified when someone attempts to steal your hoverboard when it is locked.

The remote can also turn on the lights of your cart. This is useful because when riding through the dark, you would not want to have to stop just to turn the lights on. Without a remote, the rider has to get down, or stop moving, and turn on the controls/lights on the board itself. If you will be sitting down, imagine the time and inconvenience you will experience if you have to get up and go back just for a simple task. However, a remote that controls LED lights is hard to find. This is because, as mentioned earlier, LED lights are not common for hoverboards. If they are not so common (except for when they indicate the board’s status), then it is more uncommon to find a hoverboard cart with a remote controlling the LED lights. But if you find this as an integral factor in choosing a hoverboard cart, then you can purchase the more expensive hoverboard cart kits.

Listed above are the main features you want to find if you are considering buying a hoverboard cart for sale. Although this list is not exhaustive, and you can look for certain features you might think are useful for your preferences and uses, it provides a basis for the things most people should be looking for.

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