7 Important Features To Look For In A Hoverboard

The hoverboard first heard of in the book named Back to the Future by M. K. Joseph, is a levitating board that looks like a skateboard. It is used as a means of transportation in science fiction, and an added weapon in superhero movies.

The contraption was first used by Marty McFly from Back to the Future movie, a part portrayed by Michael J. Fox. You can also see it in other movies like The Transformers and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. In the former, the main character, Daniel Witwicky uses a hoverboard to go around. In the latter, the hoverboard was used as one of the main features of the Silver Surfer. He goes around the earth and outer space using it and is rarely seen without it.

Although it started as fictional, the hoverboard nowadays has come to life in a new form. Instead of a levitating device, the hoverboard is a mini Segway or a self-balancing scooter except that it does not have handlebars. It is similar to a Segway because with just standing on your two feet on the self-balancing two-wheeled board, you can already go places.

So how does a hoverboard work? It works by way of sensors. Without the sensors, it would not be of any use and you could have just bought a skateboard instead. The sensors play a crucial role because they make the board move, speed up, turn, etc. It senses feet movements to know whether or not to go to the right, make a turn, or catch up or slow down.

There are hoverboards for sale in the western countries, but you can also purchase them from online stores like Amazon. The hoverboard is not new to the market, but what makes it appealing to a lot of people is the high technology it uses to operate.

Anyone who has a hoverboard will surely enjoy its advantages and the science fiction/superhero kind of feel it brings. Nonetheless, you cannot just go into a store or online platform and purchase the first hoverboard you see. To help you decide on what hoverboard to buy and the specifications you want from it, here are the 7 things you need to consider in finding the best hoverboard for sale.

1:   Type of Hoverboard

There are two types of hoverboard – the board, and the AirWheel. They are similar in terms of how they are operated (with the use of sensors and pressure) but different in the appearance and the kind of control you exert on them.

First up is the board. From the name itself, the board is similar to a skateboard but ridden horizontally. It has a wheel on each side and a hinge in the center, just between the place where you put your feet. To use the board, all you have to do is step on the pressure sensitive pads. When you add pressure to it and lean forward, it will automatically move forward. The same goes when you lean back, it will reverse. If you want to go to the right, you should add pressure to your right foot and step harder on the right pad. Pressure on the left foot will make it to turn to the left.

Knowing how to maneuver the board will be especially helpful when buying a hoverboard for sale. This is because the board differs with the AirWheel and you might feel that you prefer one over the other.

The other type of hoverboard is “The Wheel” also known as AirWheel. The difference with the board is that the wheel/s are in the middle. It is like a unicycle found in the circus, only it is self-balancing. There is no need to worry about toppling over because there are paddles for your foot at the side of the wheel.

Using the AirWheel is a bit more difficult than the board. This is because your whole body needs to be moving when riding on one. Your body movements such as the direction of your hips and focus on your body weight can affect where The Wheel will go.

2:   Wheel Size

Different wheel sizes affect how the hoverboard works on different kinds of pavements. For the board, the bigger the wheel, the more stability it has when it comes to uneven surfaces. The generic hoverboard has around 6.5-7 inches, but newer styles of hoverboards are released and some have 8 inches and 10 inches.

With the bigger wheels, you can get more stability on uneven surfaces and going around curbs. You would also have less time struggling to get back to a sturdy standing position since the 6.5-7-inch wheels jerk when you round a curb.

On the other hand, AirWheels have relatively bigger wheels and this is what makes them more stable than the boards when it comes to maneuvering different kinds of surfaces. Their wheels are from 11-14 inches big and the fact that it is made up of only one wheel makes it easier to control on uneven grounds. Some people can even change from roads to pavements without toppling over.

3:   Maximum Weight

Another thing to consider when you buy a hoverboard for sale is the weight it can actually carry. For a generic hoverboard, it can carry around 100 kilograms. Both the AirWheel and the board can carry that much weight.

If you feel that you weigh more than a hundred kilos, then you do not have to worry that much because hoverboards can still carry more than a hundred kilos. However, buying a hoverboard with a bigger wheel will not hurt either. You can buy the AirWheel or the 10-inch board.

But more importantly, when it comes to weight, you should consider the weight of the hoverboard itself. This is because there will be times that you have to carry it around. If you forget about this important factor, you might get shocked at how it may inconvenience you at times. This just shows that even if the hoverboard is a new innovation in the technology and transportation worlds, it still comes with disadvantages.

Its weight usually ranges from 10-12 kilograms and carrying a hoverboard around is no easy task. Although there are some that have a handle built in for easy carrying. A tip for buying a hoverboard is that you should consider when and where you will be using it. There are places that do not allow them or places where it will not be safe to use. For example, when you are commuting and you have to take the train, you cannot just go to a subway on it. You are going to have to pick it up and carry it around. To some, this in itself is a huge inconvenience.

4:   Quality

Quality should be the main consideration in buying anything and hoverboards are no exception. Because of the increasing demand and popularity of hoverboards, many manufacturers have tried to create fake hoverboards that they can sell for a much cheaper price. An example of this is the hoverboard production in China where they produce this item without having enough quality control which can lead to overheating and the explosion of the product.

There have been talks of hoverboards catching fire and this can be attributed to the overheating of the pedals. This happens to hoverboards that are fake because these products are do not have the same quality and certification given to the original hoverboards.

In Amazon, where a lot of these are sold, a number of hoverboards have been pulled out simply because they were not able to prove that the product passed the standards set by the National Trading Standards. To spot some fake hoverboards for sale, first, check the label. If they are labeled with “Smart Balance Wheels” or any variation of that and they come with manuals that are difficult to understand and read, then the hoverboard is most likely to be fake.

If they also cost just around £150-200, be more cautious on purchasing them. No hoverboard will cost as cheap as that without compromising the quality of the product. An example of a trusted product can be Razor because it has proven to be of high quality and offers a very accommodating customer service of the product.

5:   Speed and Range

The speed of a hoverboard can be from 2-10 miles per hour. On the other hand, the range is dependent on the charge your hoverboard has. Yes, hoverboards need to be charged. It does not work on solar energy nor does it work with batteries. The hoverboard should be charged and when it is done fully, it can cover 10-15 miles. If you buy a premium brand, you can have 13-17 miles to cover.

Knowing the speed and range is necessary because if you plan to use this to go to places, a good estimate of the amount of time to get there is helpful. Also, not all hoverboards have the same speed and range. This is due to the fact that rider weight is a factor in the speed of the product. If you are heavier, say 110 kilograms, then expect to have a slower speed with your hoverboard.

6:   Extra Features

Hoverboards did not just develop in terms of range, speed, and appearance, but they also developed when it comes to add-ons. When you say add-ons, these are features of the hoverboard that you can simply just do without.

If you are the practical type, you would not need these features anymore since they do not improve the quality and speed of the hoverboard. The extra features are there to make your riding experience more fulfilling and convenient.

Add-on features include built in GPS, built in speakers that can connect to your mobile phone, built in Bluetooth speakers, as well as built-in gyroscopic, sensored pads. There are some that even have a car-key like remote.

It is entirely up to you whether to equip your hoverboard with added features or not, but just consider the value they give to your hoverboard and ultimately, to you. Having these extra features are nice, but at the end of the day, if it proves to be useless, you do not have to purchase them.

7:   Legality

As mentioned earlier, there are places where riding a hoverboard is not legal. For example, people are not allowed to ride hoverboards in New York. If you are caught using one for the first time, the police will let it go, but succeeding violations will require you to pay $50.

Another example of this is in the United Kingdom. In the UK, you cannot use a hoverboard on public roads and pavements because doing so would mean that the hoverboard is a licensed vehicle. The law states that they cannot be licensed and so they should be kept off the streets.

The legality of riding a hoverboard stems from the vehicles each place considers as legal. Moreover, a possible reason to banning hoverboards is that it increases the number of injuries especially since riding it requires balance and adding the right pressure on the pedals.

Imagine having hoverboards in a busy city. Not only will it disturb other people, it would also make using them more inconvenient for the rider. Carrying a hoverboard around is no joke since it is quite heavy and when you couple this with riding a train or going up and down the stairs, you might just wish you walked to work instead.

To add to that, another thing to consider when buying a hoverboard is the place where you will be using it and the place where you are residing. This is important because given that you live in a city where it is very dynamic and fast, having a hoverboard will just make it hard to go around.

Also, to know if the hoverboard is worth it, try to make an assessment on the times you would use it. If you are just going to use this once or twice for the sake of experience, then buying your own hoverboard is no longer practical.

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