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At Powerboard Expert, we are passionate about powered boards, be it hoverboards, hoverboard carts or electric skateboards. The powered side of it is what give it the thrill.

When I say we, I am talking about a small group of us. I’m Chris, here on the left. We have been boarding for years, and like everyone, started out on conventional skateboards.

Now I have to confess, that I wasn’t that much in to some of the crazy stunts that some of these guys are in to. I just enjoyed the chilled fun of it all and it made for a cool mode of transport that got me from A to B quite quickly, sometimes beating the commuter rush.

From the skateboard, I soon progressed to the longboard. Loving that, it wasn’t long before I got in to the hoverboard – when it came out. Now that was fun, although not the best mode of transport. For me, the no brainer came about when the longboard got power. I can’t tell you enough how awesome it was to travel at 40Km/h effortlessly.

For me and my buddies, we are simply powerboard junkies, hanging out living the good life.

I thought I’d try something new and put together this site. We have reviewed the best boards around detailing as much as we could without being too boring. Now we haven’t tried every board, so you may well find one that should be listed here, but in our years of experience, we have reviewed what we have considered to be the best powered boards for different reasons. What I mean by this is that depending on what you want a board for, might determine one board a better choice than another, so all the boards and carts we have reviewed are good and recommended. We have listed the good and not so good about the best powered boards on the market.

Take a look through the site and see what you think. I think you’ll like it – we do

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