Hoverboard Cart Tee Shirts

Hoverboard fans need the right gear when they are out surfing on their boards. While many will not think that their clothes are also part of this gear, wearing your passion says a lot about you as an individual. Hoverboard fashion is not something you will find in the high street shops but is something that can be unique to you, so wouldn’t it be cool to have a shirt that has your favorite hoverboard cart on it?

A rad t-shirt would be the perfect wear while going around town on your hoverboard, and the more color and quirky the design is, the more that people notice you. Street fashion is the hottest trend now and the hoverboard cart is a growing market and has cool appeal.

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Designing Your Own T-Shirt

So hoverboard cart tee shirts are an obvious choice for something cool and different. Best options for design will be silk screen printed images with amazing logos with a good font will standout well.

Simply take a picture of your board or your favorite board or hoverboard cart and have the picture screen printed on the tee shirt. You can look up some ultra trendy quotations or go for a silhouette design of someone surfing the board.

T-shirts aren’t the only things you can have printed. Hoodies can be printed on too.

The first thing you need, of course, is a design. Because fashion based on hoverboards is almost non-existent, you would need to think of designs yourself. Some good ideas for your T-shirt can be.

Having Your T-Shirt Printed

If you know how your t-shirt will look like, the next step is making it into reality. Printing can turn that design from digital to physical.

You would need to find someone who does t-shirt printing. There are a few of them online that allow you to upload the design yourself and use a software to identify where the words and images go. Because you will be editing them on a digital t-shirt, you can more or less see how the end product will look like.

You can also go to a printer in your neighborhood to discuss the design with them in person. If you have questions about the process and how printed shirts look like, this is better than ordering online. You can also view the various plain t-shirts they have available, and you can choose the one with the best quality and the right shades that you want.

There are specific processes that you can get the design printed on the shirt, which all have different outcomes.

Direct-to-garment Inkjet Printing
This is a great option if you want to use a photograph as design for the shirt, and especially if you are not interested in having many t-shirts printed out. The quality of this process is good but the colors are may not be as vibrant on the t-shirt.

Iron-on Transfers
This is another popular procedure that uses a printer. However, it is not printed directly on the cloth, but on a special paper. The print is then ironed on into the garment. Much like the first option, the colors may end up a bit muted and the print might start to fade or deteriorate after a couple of washes.

Silkscreen Printing
Most shops, both online and physical, will use this method. The reason is because it produces the best quality prints on garments, plus being cost-effective when a big batch of t-shirts are ordered by the client. Finding a top printer is important so you know they will only print with the highest quality and produce durable clothing. Using this method, it is possible to see the print living longer than the t-shirt itself.

Moreover, the colors will be much more vibrant, especially when comparing with other techniques side by side. This is why it is also the most popular method for customers looking for professionally produced shirts, sweatshirts, bags, towels, and other types of clothing and garment.

The Product: Your Own Hoverboard Shirt

After these 2 easy steps, you will have your own unique hoverboard-inspired shirt in your hands. By opting for the vibrant silkscreen prints, everyone out there will be able to distinguish your cool and rad t-shirt motif that highlights your love of hovering. It will also be durable that the design is not affected no matter how sweaty you may get practicing your sweet moves.

Thanks to advances in customized t-shirt design and printing, you can never be held back by the lack of hoverboard-themed fashion out there. You can proudly wear your passion and show it off to everyone. While you are at it, have a few more designed and you can fill your cabinet with your very own hoverboard-inspired clothing.

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